I have 5 Flower Crowns for sale currently

The first one is named A touch of Pink and it is $15

The second is Creamy and it is also $15

The third is Peachy and again it is $15

the fourth is Pink Fade and it is also $15

and the last one is Faie and it is $20

The flower crowns are made of good quality fabric flowers, with a strong base made of jewelry wire all wrapped up in green tape to both protect you from the wires sharp edges and to secure the flowers in place. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing any one of these crowns.

Another Flower Crown Commissions for a young lady named Gabby

A Commission for a lovely lady named Connie.

Once again my lovely model is The Rabid Poet

A Flower Crown commission for tumblr user Sarcastic Wonder Warrior

My lovely model is The Rabid Poet

Two skirt commissions for an old friend of mine. The first is a rectangle skirt made from a old school TMNT printed fabric. The second is a circle skirt madde from a Mavel comic book print. Each skirt was $20 each and made the the wearers measurements.

Customer in her 221B Dress at SacAnime Winter

Customer: 221B

Dress by Me!

Pictures of my client in the dress!

Cosplayer: Almond 

Dress made by: Me


beautiful platform shoes from metamorphose (also available in bordeaux)

do you guys prefer enamel or non enameled shoes?

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(24/07/2012) Meeting

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» fat and dark skinned Black girls


Just want you to know, you’re not forgotten.

You matter. You’re memorable. You’re everything.

Your Existence Matters.