Customer in her 221B Dress at SacAnime Winter

Customer: 221B

Dress by Me!

Pictures of my client in the dress!

Cosplayer: Almond 

Dress made by: Me


beautiful platform shoes from metamorphose (also available in bordeaux)

do you guys prefer enamel or non enameled shoes?

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(24/07/2012) Meeting

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» fat and dark skinned Black girls


Just want you to know, you’re not forgotten.

You matter. You’re memorable. You’re everything.

Your Existence Matters.


An inspiring underdog story that exposes government mandated BMI testing of students and the ‘Fat Letters’ that ensue.

The Story

In an effort to address the obesity problem among American youth, lawmakers in twenty states passed a controversial mandate forcing schools to perform body mass index, or BMI, tests on their students. What soon followed sparked a heated national debate. Coined the ‘Fat Letters’ by students, letters were given to overweight kids whose BMI did not fall within a narrowly accepted range; essentially telling children, even as young as kindergarteners, that they are fat. 

When a determined sixth-grader in Ohio voices her protest against the letters, student journalist Bailey Webber is inspired to take up her fight. Convinced that her fellow students are being unfairly profiled and bullied by the government, Bailey’s investigation soon turns into a battle of wills between her and the state bureaucrats who sponsored and passed the law. 

The Student Body is a true underdog story of two brave girls who take a stand against government intrusion and hypocrisy while exploring the complex and controversial truths of the childhood obesity debate.

Only a few more days to donate to this kickstarter. Please support and / or share.

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New Rules:

1. FOOD: If you want to come at me about “how much I eat”, you need to provide an exact food diary of everything I ate in the past week, (not just what it was, but how much and when). Then you also need to provide at least 36 examples of thin people eating…

This is a Commission of Flame Princess from Adventure Time. The client already had a base dress that they had lying around that they wanted to use so i picked fabrics that would complement the dress. The main part of the over dress is made of satin with a organza overlay to get the right color, it also has a cool color changing effect. The trim is also satin and it is top-stitched with gold thread.

 This commission is Almond from Cucumber Quest. This particular cosplay I kept ease of wearer in mind. The pockets are real, the waist band is removable, the turtle neck has a Velcro back so it’s easy to get in and the ribbon comes off with a snap for easy cleaning!

A Commission for SacAnime Winter 2014. It’s a 221B Dress! The picture on the top is the original design and then of course pictures of the finished product. It’s a very simple dress with a waistband and a cute bow snap closure at the top.