This is a Commission of Flame Princess from Adventure Time. The client already had a base dress that they had lying around that they wanted to use so i picked fabrics that would complement the dress. The main part of the over dress is made of satin with a organza overlay to get the right color, it also has a cool color changing effect. The trim is also satin and it is top-stitched with gold thread.

 This commission is Almond from Cucumber Quest. This particular cosplay I kept ease of wearer in mind. The pockets are real, the waist band is removable, the turtle neck has a Velcro back so it’s easy to get in and the ribbon comes off with a snap for easy cleaning!

A Commission for SacAnime Winter 2014. It’s a 221B Dress! The picture on the top is the original design and then of course pictures of the finished product. It’s a very simple dress with a waistband and a cute bow snap closure at the top.

I made this for my cousin for Halloween 2013. It’s not particularly good but she loved it and had a lot of fun wearing it so I’m happy. I made everything from scratch and burned myself with hot glue quite a bit.


#ICO2014 The International Congress on Obesity is happening right now and they have decided that people with disabilities, which includes fat people) and others are not welcome at their conference because you need to be able to walk up stairs to get to the conference.

Looked at the schedule and at no point is anyone presenting on the impact of class, race or gender on health disparities. No one is mentioning that these disparities due to race and health parallel research on weight and health. Most of the schedule is filled with trying to find biological causes for fatness (implying that fatness is inherently linked to disease) and ignoring the social causes of diseases correlated with body size. At no long is anyone talking about the impact of fat stigma on health. 

If you have time please tweet at #ICO2014. You will see that there is something that is totally missing from this conference and that is fat people having the ability to talk about their own bodies. If you have your twitter account linked to your tumblr this post will post directly in the tag when you reblog it.

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"Alliance tea spills. This pleases me, General."

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rina is an actual chameleon and now also a madoka impersonator


Fairy kei on We Heart It.


Pastel Cross Scarf | $17.00